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The Art of Imagination

James Christensen

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August, 2004

Poofy Guy on a Short Leash

In the fantastic world of James Christensen, a “poofy guy” is recognizable by the inordinate layers of clothing he wears, symbolizing a touch of self-importance as well as the accumulated baggage of a life time. This light and airy piece just may suggest marriage, as James asks us to consider the luck we “poofy guys” have in being cared for by a responsible woman. “Thank heavens guys like us have some one holding onto us, otherwise, we’d just spin off into the atmosphere and pop!”

Poofy Guy on a Short Leash, LIMITED EDITION CANVAS
Image size: 23"w x 17"h.
Edition Size:300
US: $495.00

Image size: 20"w x 15"h.
edition Size: 650
US: $160.00

August, 2004

St. Nicholas of Myra

Nicholas flourished in the 4th century as Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor and is universally recognized as the model for our modern day Santa Claus. He is a figure about which there are more legends than facts. Patron saint of sailors, one legend tells of him appearing to storm-tossed mariners who invoked his aid and were brought safely to port. In the Low Countries of Europe, stories of his generosity were legendary and gave rise to the custom of exchanging gifts in his name.

St. Nicholas of Myra is from the world of Saints and Angels, James Christensen’s exploration and creation of an alter-ego, an obscure Flemish painter known only as The Master of the Enoch Altarpiece. Previous releases from this collection, Isabella and The Enoch Altarpiece, are both Sold Out at Publisher.

Image size: 7"w x 13"h.
Edition Size: 450
US: $260.00

June 2004

The Enoch Altarpiece

For over a year, artist James C. Christensen painted “under the guise” of an obscure, 15th century Flemish painter, best known for, and named after, a multi-paneled masterpiece called The Enoch Altarpiece. Also known as Jehovah Teaches Enoch the Plan of Salvation, what remains of The Enoch Altarpiece are the two sides that once flanked the (missing) center panel. The two angels, who originally were positioned to bless the center scene, incorporate symbols of God’s original plan for man’s salvation. With the angel on the left are fruit and a serpent, representing the Garden of Eden and the fall of man, while a skull pierced by an Easter Lily appears with the angel on the right, suggesting the triumph of Christ over death and the redemption of man.

The fact that the center panel is missing is rich with allegory as well. According to Christensen the missing center panel depicted not only Enoch and Jehovah, but the City of Enoch as well. Enoch was regarded by God to be so imbued with the Holy Spirit that he was “translated” or “taken from the earth” rather than suffer physical death. “No one is certain what happened to the missing center panel of The Enoch Altarpiece, but the hope is,” says Christensen, with a smile, “it will one day return.”

The Enoch Altarpiece is a framed, two-piece canvas print set. The artisan who created the frames for the original paintings was commissioned by Greenwich to create two prototypes for this limited edition print set. The elegant resin-molded frames are distressed and hand-brushed with gold to recreate the look of 15th century art treasures.

The Enoch Altarpiece Framed, LIMITED EDITION CANVAS
Image size: 14 1/2"w x 24"h.
Edition Size: 250
US: Retired & Sold Out: CALL FOR QUOTE

October, 2004


"This painting is a love story," says James Christensen. "Love on many different levels, but most importantly, the power of that which is everlasting. It is rich in symbols that suggest the close of a chapter; the twilight hour of day, the final phase of the moon, the turning leaves on an autumn tree and the checkerboard road that comes to an end. Even though this couple needs help in just getting around, they seem unconcerned. Despite the limitations of old age, they are supported by loved ones, surrounded by a lifetime of favorite things and they have each other. The carnation he offers her is a symbol of enduring love."

Image size: 20"w x 15"h.
Edition Size:  550
US: $160.00

Image size: 23"w x 17"h.
Edition Size: 300
US: Sold Out at Publisher, Call Gallery for quote

June, 2004

The Messenger

A Hand-Tinted Original Stone Lithograph

Elegant and captivating are two of the measures we set for any James Christensen Hand-Tinted Original Stone Lithograph, and with The Messenger, he’s delivered. Is she an angel or is she human; is she from the past, present or future; she has armor, but is she a warrior; how do the key and the rose assist in unlocking the enigma of The Messenger?

Image size: 24"w x 12"h.
Edition Size: 200
US: Sold Out - Call for Quote

March, 2004

Once Upon A Time

With Once Upon a Time, Christensen brings life to the rich and delightful creatures who filled his imagination as a child. The wise, magical storyteller tells his astonishing fables to the wondrous characters who are usually in those fables.

"I've made up characters, but I've also drawn some of them from art and literature," explains Christensen. "The Lord of the Rings remind us that adults are interested in fantasy, too." And James pays tribute to Ian Ballantine, the publisher who popularized The Lord of the Rings in the United States by releasing it in paperback. "He is the keybearer on the right. In a sense, he brought me this talisman."

Image size: 47"w x 33"h.
Edition Size:  300
US: Sold Out - Call for Quote

January, 2004

St. Brendan, The Navigator

St. Brendan’s fame rests on the mythical adventure described in Brendan’s Voyage, a 10th century romance of Brendan and a company of monks sailing the Atlantic Ocean to the Promised Land. One of the stories of the voyage relates that Brendan, wishing to celebrate Easter Mass, landed on a small island in the middle of the ocean. After celebrating Mass, Brendan and his companions built a fire on which to cook a meal and thus awakened the sleeping whale they had mistakenly identified as a small island. Terrified, the voyagers rushed to their ship and fled. Since then, St. Brendan has been associated with whales and large fish.

St. Brendan The Navigator, LIMITED EDITION CANVAS
Image size: 8"w x 12"h
Edition Size:  275
US: $250.00

Image size: 8"w x 12"h.
Edition Size: 650
US: $140.00

October, 2003


This striking portrait is the likeness of Isabella Grimaldi, a patrician of the arts. The character of Isabella was born from the world of Saints and Angels, James Christensen’s exploration and creation of an alter-ego, an obscure Flemish painter known only as The Master of the Enoch Altarpiece.

“The Master was able to make a living only through the support of his patrons, and Isabella was one of the foremost patricians of his entire career,” explains James. “It was customary at the time for the wealthy to request their portraits take on the literal characteristics of angels. With Isabella, her wings suggested much more to the Master, as she served as a inspiration in his calling. The love of art and encouragement of promising talent is a dance which allows this circle of creation to persevere.”

Image size: 11"w x 17"h.
Edition Size: 375
US: SOLD OUT - Call for Quote

Image size: 9 7/8"w x 15"h.
Edition Size: 750
US:  Sold out - Call for Quote


September, 2003

We Three Kings

“We have seen his star in the east…” - Matthew 2:2

The sudden appearance of a new and brilliant star set the kings of the East on one of the Bible’s better-known journeys. Through the centuries, paintings have shown as many as eight kings. Some debate whether the magi were actual kings or a group of scholars, astronomers and priests. The Western tradition of three kings most likely arose from the three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh that they brought to “the newborn King.” James C. Christensen provides us with a gift to treasure the whole year through. In his original painting, the star and the three gifts of the kings are gold leaf. For both the print and canvas editions, we were able to recreate this radiant effect, in fact, the canvas is hand-crafted with 22-karat gold leaf.

Each new Christensen offering this year has sold out at the Publisher, and we’re certain this will follow. So be sure to contact your local Greenwich Workshop dealer before this gift disappears.

Image size: 25"w x 16"h.
Edition Size: 450
US: $695.00

Image size: 20 1/2"w x 14"h.
Edition Size: 950
US: $160.0

June, 2003

When Faeries Talk To Fishes

A Hand-Tinted Original Stone Lithograph

From the Magic Fish Studio, the home of James Christensen, comes this sophisticated yet whimsical piece of fine art. It sprang to life as an unfinished verse in the artist’s sketchbook:

"When Faeries talk with Fishes, both express their wishes
When Fishes talk to Faeries, the conversation varies..."

Soon a drawing appeared above the unfinished lines of the poem.

The magic of the initial muse carried over into the decision to create the work as an original stone lithograph. It is a stone lithograph because James actually drew the image on a 300 lb. limestone. This is all the more impressive considering the image is created in reverse onto the stone. The image is transferred from the stone onto a sheet of fine watercolor paper by hand on a lithographic press. The final stone lithograph is considered original because this image does not exist as we see it until the lithograph is produced.

Hand-tinting original stone lithographs predates color printing. That the color work on each is added by hand enhances the concept of each being an original; no two are exactly alike. Further, we are able to offer the lithograph tinted with either amber or pastel hues.

Image size:
16"w x 12"h.
Edition Size: 200

Published from the artist's original work.

US: Sold out at Publishers, Call for Quote


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