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November 2007

Burdens of the Responsible Man

Did you ever feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? When I painted The Burden of the Responsible Man I felt overwhelmed by how much everybody expected from me. I felt as if life was taking everything I had and not giving much back, just dangling a carrot to keep me going. Even this man’s pet, a hedgehog, needs to be fed and taken for walks, but is too prickly to offer warm ‘cuddlies’ in return. But the man’s a responsible person and so he just keeps plodding along. That’s the point. I just kept plodding along, too, and things got better. I discovered that my burdens were really blessings and challenges necessary for my growth.”

Limited Edition Canvas
Image size: 13"w x 17"h.
Edition Size: 600
Published from the artist's original work.
SOLD OUT at Publisher

October 2007

Music of Heaven

The earth has music for those who listen. -William Shakespeare

In the midst of our hectic lives, it is easy to forsake what is important in favor of what needs to be done. We relinquish our quiet time, our communion with ourselves and a greater universe, for the daily realities that (it seems) cannot wait. Once in a while, however, if we would just be still and listen, we would hear something wondrous. The earth—indeed, heaven itself—has music for those who will listen.

Limited Edition Canvas
Image size: 9"w x 12"h.
Edition Size: 450
Published from the artist's original work.
Sold Out at Publisher

September 2007


Clothed in garb of cobwebs and moonlight, Fiona catches your gaze. Like all of the sídhe (faeries) she is breathtakingly beautiful, but Fiona is more than meets the eye. Celtic legends tell of men and women who followed the unearthly music of the faeries deep into the woods and were never seen again. Other folk tell a friendlier tale of the leanan sídhe, the faerie muses who protect artists and poets in exchange for their immortal love.

James Christensen’s Fiona shines in her natural adornments. If you look closely, you’ll see the half-hidden subjects of her kingdom: flowers, animals and insects, hidden amid her garments. If you look closer still, you just might find exactly what you seek, but beware—the promises of faeries are fleeting and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Limited Edition Canvas
Image size: 20"w x 16"h.
Edition Size: 400
Published from the artist's original work.

June 2007

Hold to the Rod

Hold to the rod, the iron rod;
’Tis strong, and bright, and true.
The iron rod is the word of God;
’Twill safely guide us through.
- Joseph L. Townsend, The Iron Rod, LDS Hymns, no. 274

As we walk the road of life, we tend to collect things that make us feel safer and more sure of ourselves. These may be material possessions, titles or responsibilities, but in the end they amount to the same thing: a fleeting and superficial sense of security. It is only by holding fast to our beliefs that we can navigate life with any confidence.

The character in Hold to the Rod finds himself so burdened with the mundane objects he has collected that, while he hopefully eyes the rod, he cannot reach up to hold it for fear of losing something else. The man has become little more than a vehicle for his adornments. He demonstrates that what is truly important is keeping sight of our true belief and faith, that they alone will guide us through.

Image size: 12"w x 12"h.
Edition Size: 550
Published from the artist's original work.
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May 2007

May 2007

The Blind Leading the Blind

The Parable of the Blind is one of the best-known sections from Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount. It reads: “Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?” Jesus used the metaphor of the blind men to suggest to his followers that they examine their own hearts and souls before calling attention to the flaws of others. James Christensen has taken the parable in a new, more light-hearted direction in The Blind Leading the Blind.

Christensen sees his blind men as archetypal figures, embodying the different ways people deal with difficult situations. All four men are lost, but their expressions reveal their attitudes: one man is unhappy, one is content with his lot, one man is confused and one has tumbled into the pit entirely. The Blind Leading the Blind is a whimsical reminder to remain humble—and to give others the benefit of the doubt.

Image size: 24"w x 12"h. CANVAS
Edition Size: 550
Published from the artist's original work.
US: $698.00    FREE SHIPPING

April  2007

April 2007

Resistance Training

Although the relationship between the quartet of tough-looking fish and the determined cyclist in "Resistance Training" may at first be unclear, the title offers some explanation: athletes often train against a resisting force to build their strength. In this particular case, however, as the fish tug stubbornly in the other direction, we must wonder—who is training whom?

Image size: 12"w x 12"h. Canvas
Edition Size: 550
Published from the artist's original work.

US: $500.00  Free Shipping

March  2007

The Beggar Princess

A beautiful young woman in tattered finery stands in a dark castle hall, holding a wilting rose as its petals shed flakes of gold. The elements of the story seem familiar enough—a princess, a flower, a ruined castle—but the story itself is nowhere to be found in our childhood memories of fairy tales.The reason? There is no story … yet.

The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose exemplifies what artist James Christensen feels is “… so great about art: the viewer can contribute to the magic by making up their own story.” While the trappings of the tale are well-worn, the tale of the beggar princess itself is yet unwritten. How long has she walked these castle paths? Is the bloom of the rose tied somehow to her freedom? Is she even trapped? Both the history and the fate of the young beggar princess lie in the imagination of the beholder. The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose offers us the ultimate fairy-tale opportunity: to ride to the rescue and save the princess.

James Christensen
Image size: 10"w x 18"h. Canvas
Edition Size: 650
Published from the artist's original work.
U.S. $1,200 Regular Canvas Edition with Free Shipping

U.S. $2,200 AP (Artist Proof) Edition with Free Shipping

January 2007

Angels of My Village
by James C. Christensen

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Paper
While traveling in Umbria this past summer, artist James Christensen was inspired by the architecture of the region, the "piled and stacked buildings" of the hill towns. He filled his sketchbooks with Italian landscapes and cityscapes such as the one found in his newest piece, Angels of My Village. The illuminated landscape and hand-layered gold leaf of the painting call to mind the angels found in medieval manuscripts.

"In my mind," says Jim, "it was kind of a thank-you painting for the feelings that we're not alone. I think we need to remember that we do have angels watching over us. Even if you live in New York City, you have your village. I know every single person within three blocks of me. We help one another and are the angels for one another. We are the angels of our villages."

14 1/4 " w x 13 1/2 " h.
650 s/n.
  Paper only (no Canvas)

$185 US Regular Edition Free Shipping

$450 s/n AP (Artist Proof) Edition - Free Shipping

December, 2006

Angel with Epaulet

More information to follow.  Orders being taken now.  This Canvas is sold out at the publisher.  Order now before we're sold out.

Giclee Canvas (8"w x 8"h)
Edition Size of 450

$185 US Regular Edition Free Shipping

$450 s/n AP (Artist Proof) Edition - Free Shipping

September, 2006

Men And Angels

Man, indeed, describes more than he explains; while the angelic spirit sees and understands. Man judges nature in relation to itself; the angelic spirit judges it in relation to heaven. In short, to the spirits everything speaks. —HONORÉ DE BALZAC.

Artist James C. Christensen’s portrayals of angels, including Cecelia, Sleeper Lost in Dreams and throughout his Saints and Angels series, inspire us to reflect on the angels among us. The high contrast in Men and Angels reminds the viewer that sometimes our mortal world is dark compared to the world of angels. The image also reveals how a visitor can bring a shining light, leading us out of the darkness.

Limited Edition Print (13 1/2"w x 11"h) 
        (Edition Size of 550)
Giclee Canvas (16"w x 13"h)    
        (Edition Size of 350)

$1,700 US Regular Edition Canvas Free Shipping

$2,250 s/n AP (Artist Proof) Canvas Edition - Free Shipping


August, 2006

The Responsible Woman

This painting pays homage to artist James Christensen's wife, Carole. He began to contemplate all her roles in life and the many weighty responsibilities she shouldered as a full time wife and mother of five young children.  Women everywhere relate the need to confidentially soar above life's troubles and challenges. In a given day she may shuttle the children, prepare a gourmet feast, keep to hectic time schedules and more, but she always keeps her head up and carries the light of hope to those around her.  A delightful gift to honor a wife, mother, grandmother, sister or any heroic woman in your life.

Among the important women's roles portrayed in this painting are Mother, Pet Caretaker, Chef, Housekeeper, Leader (lighting the way with wisdom) and Scheduler.  How many more can you find?

 Anniversary Edition
Giclee Canvas (24"w x 18"h)     $ Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 450)

$1,378 US Regular Edition Free Shipping

$1,990 s/n AP (Artist Proof) Edition - Free Shipping

May, 2006

Michael the Archangel Battles the Dragon
While Almost Nobody Pays Attention!

The confrontations between the Archangel Michael and the Dragon (Satan, in one of his many forms) are epic conflicts between good and evil where the fate of Heaven and Earth hang in the balance. Yet most of those affected by the final outcome are blithely unaware.

"This piece," says artist Jim Christensen, "talks about the power you have to be good and righteous in taking on the evil in this world. The title says "…almost nobody pays attention…," but you see Michael and the Dragon.  What are you going to do? These skirmishes happen daily, not a world away, but in our own cities, towns and neighborhoods. They can be as blatantly obvious as they are innocuous. Being aware has little to do with one's social or economic status: it is the degree you perceive that the world isn't on course and what action you are willing to take to rectify it."

Giclee Canvas (32"w x 24"h)     $  Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 250)

$685 US Regular Canvas Edition Free Shipping

March, 2006

The Listener

There are two types of people—those who wait to talk and those who listen. –Anonymous

In the Dolby® surround sound of our daily lives, we all have to find our own mute button. “Since a painting has no soundtrack, the title character at the center of The Listener has found the best way to shut off all the noise in the visual cacophony around him by closing his eyes,” Christensen says. “Listening to his still, small, inner-voice, he remains centered without being overcome. We can all find peace in this busy world, but sometimes need to be reminded that we are in charge of our destiny and each of us has the ability to focus without being pushed and pulled as victims. ”The characters found in the colorful “noise” around the listener in this painting take many forms including politicians, mothers-in-law, musicians, and famous artists… can you find Picasso? Through it all, our listener ignores the noise in favor of his own personal tranquility.

Giclee Canvas (25"w x 25"h)    
        (Edition Size of 175)

$795 US Regular Edition Free Shipping

January, 2006

If Pigs Could Fly

There are oodles of adages associated with "when pig fly": events extremely unlikely to occur or just plain nonsensical. In the world of artist James C. Christensen, a flying pig might seem perfectly commonplace. But the hunchback holding a candle in If Pigs Could Fly is oblivious to his winged counterpart.

In Christensen's art, the hunchback represents the imperfect "everyman" and the candle he carries signifies his wisdom and faith (or the faith in his wisdom, as the case may be). Our hero forges onward, walking ahead, not expecting the unexpected, nor noticing what's happening just over his shoulder. If Pigs Could Fly reminds us that anything and everything is possible, and not to eliminate any possibility

Giclee Canvas (15"w x 12"h)     $  Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 350)

October, 2005

A Gift for Mrs Claus

Twenty “Twas the Night Before Christmases” ago, we were pleased to bring you our first Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition from a promising young artist named James C. Christensen: The Gift for Mrs. Claus. This holiday season, we commemorate this milestone with a striking Fine Art Anniversary Edition.

“One of my favorite traditions of Christmas is making a gift for my wife,” says Christensen. “Whether it is a drawing of one of our children, a fantasy painting, or a stained glass fish to hang in the kitchen window, I know that it will have special meaning for her because I have taken the time to make it. The anticipation of that moment of surprise is as much a part of the joy and excitement as the expression on her face when she actually opens her present. In The Gift for Mrs. Claus, I tried to capture the sense of delightful conspiracy as Father Christmas puts aside a little extra time to prepare a special surprise for his wife.”

Giclee Canvas (17"w x 17"h)     $  Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 250)

$800 US Regular Canvas Edition Free Shipping

August, 2005


23-Karat Gold Leaf, hand applied by James C. Christensen’s own Magic Fish Studio, completes the Masterwork™ Canvas of this stunning exploration of the texture, surface and richness of paint. Named for the artist’s newest grandchild, Cecelia, this angel will grace any setting with a sense of delicacy and wonder.

This large, vertical canvas is heaven sent for that unique vertical space in your home. The Limited Edition Print is Foil-Enhanced so that it, too, replicates the radiant “halo” effect of Christensen’s original painting. Each edition represents Greenwich Workshop Fine Art at its finest.

Limited Edition Print  (8 5/8"w x 26 1/8"h)    
        (Edition Size of 350)
Giclee Canvas (15"w x 45"h)    
        (Edition Size of 250)

$1,085 US Regular CANVAS Edition Free Shipping

May, 2005

The Bride

Master storyteller James C. Christensen’s The Bride is a beautifully detailed homage to the traditions and folklore of the wedding day. The stage for this joyous vision in a pastel palate is set in a Christensen fantasy world, as we join a maiden and her unusual wedding party sailing into destiny.

Richly layered nuptial symbolism awaits your discovery: something old (the ruins in the background), something new (the egg on the pillow), something borrowed (a tan girl from Baroque artist Diego Velázquez), something blue (the flowing ribbon in the bride’s hair, a symbol of purity from ancient Israel).That’s only the beginning! Much like the art of marriage itself, Christensen’s The Bride promises years of unfolding pleasures.

Limited Edition Print  (18 7/8"w x 15"h)     $  Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 450)
Giclee Canvas (23"w x 18"h)     $  Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 175)

$250 US Regular PAPER Edition Free Shipping

$620 s/n CANVAS Edition - Free Shipping

March, 2005

Saint with White Sleeves

Behold the latest discovery from James C. Christensen’s Saints and Angels collection, a series he attributes to his alter-ego, an obscure Flemish painter known as The Master of the Enoch Altarpiece. Previous Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Editions from the Saints and Angels collection include Isabella and The Enoch Altarpiece.

The subject of Saint with White Sleeves does not appear to be a specific saint, and the model for this striking portrait was likely one of the Master’s patrons. It was customary at the time for the wealthy to request that their portraits incorporate characteristics of saints or angels. In Saint with White Sleeves, the halo suggests a saint, yet the white sleeves hint at angel’s wings

Giclee Canvas (10"w x 21"h)     $  Call for Quote
        (Edition Size of 300)

$985 US Regular Edition Free Shipping

January, 2005

Royal Processional Canvas edition

You are witness to something few humans ever see. The sweet smell of incense carried on the breeze has awoken you from your rest in the woods and you capture a glimpse of the king and queen of the faeries passing by. "This is not the May Day parade or a Coronation," James C. Christensen explains. "Simply, this is The Royal Processional - just your regular, everyday king and queen of the Faeries entourage."

Inspired by the grand processions of history, fiction and movies, Christensen provides a glimpse of the faerie world by fashioning an eclectic parade of fantasy forest denizens. "The king in the armor is Oberon and the queen is Tatiana," says Christensen. "They are the rulers of the Faeries. Other fascinating creatures waiting to be discovered are their laughing faeries-in-waiting, their old prime minister with the butterfly banner, the young wizard-in-training with his nose in a book, and the incense bearers to alert - by smell - the other forest creatures."

Join The Royal Processional and set yourself apart from mere mortals.

James Christensen
Image size: 45"w x 23"h.
Edition Size: 300
Published from the artist's original work.

$1,485 US Regular Edition Free Shipping

US: Retired, Sold Out at Publisher


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