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Swarovski Annual Limited Edition Christmas Ornament

Ornaments are in very limited quantities and may be sold out at any time.

Odd year ornaments resemble a star  and even years resemble a snowflake!  

Annual edition Swarovski ornament in facetted clear crystal. 

Complete with a blue satin hanger band, small silver colored hanger and tag with the year engraved on the tag. 

Swarovski Ornaments are spectacular in their brilliance and incredible creativity. 
These collectible ornaments continue to escalate in price and value as they are retired. 

Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian, created the Swarovski company in the late 19th century after inventing an automatic cutting machine. He chose Wattens for his factory because there was a hydroelectric plant nearby which could supply sufficient energy for the grinding process. Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% lead to maximize refraction. The distinctive Swan Logo represents unparallel quality. It replaced the original edelweiss flower in 1988. Sculptures and snowflakes are etched with this swan.

In 1991, Swarovksi started a tradition of creating an annual ornament in limited edition quantities.  The ornaments are alternating - stars in odd years, and snowflakes in even years.  Originally each ornament was packaged in a single box.  But in 1997, Swarovski began packaged them is double boxes with an inner and outer shell.

We have retired ornaments available beginning with the 1995 series.  They are priced at the secondary going price.  All ornament shipping includes careful packaging and insurance.  Insurance provides for return of your funds in case of loss or damage, but due to the rarity of these ornaments, may not cover replacement, only the refund of payment.  All shipments will require signature for your and our protection.




Always a symbol of the holidays , this timeless crystal sparkles with its many facets. Exquisitely crafted, the Christmas Ornament Annual Edition 2008 is the perfect gift to decorate one's home, commemorate the birth of a child, the celebration of a wedding or a special anniversary.

Full clear-cut crystal. Silver-tone metal part; small silver tone metal tag with year of issue 2008; blue satin ribbon.  Size is 2 7/16" x 3 1/16".




This spectacular 2007 ornament again tops the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  The ornament measures approximately 3: x 2 1/2".  As with all our products, it comes in its original packaging with all certification.




Designer: Anton Hirzinger
Ornament Size: 3 1/16" x 2 1/2"

The 2006 Annual Edition Swarovski Christmas Snowflake Ornament is exquisitely crafted from faceted clear crystal. Comes with a blue satin band with a silver-colored hanger and a tag with "2006" engraved on it. Designed by Anton Hirzinger.

Swarovski continues to be the proud sponsor of "The Star at Rockefeller Center" . This one-of-a-kind, giant replica of the 2006 Annual Edition Ornament will sparkle from the top of America's Christmas Tree.




  • The 2005 Ornament is designed with 6 long, facetted spikes and a central part with 6 shorter spikes, alternating with larger spikes. The Ornament consists of 3 facetted crystal parts.   It was designed by Gabriele Stamey and measures 3 1/4" x 2 9/16" x 9/16".

    Swarovski Crystal was honored to be the designer of the star that topped the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City.   In 2005, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree was adorned with a star, exclusively designed and created by Swarovski. The Star was created in Austria by a team of Swarovski designers and craftsman.



    This Swarovski 2004 Christmas Ornament is in MINT Condition with Original Box and Certificate.  It has six long extensions with stars and six short extensions with small stars and a metal tag with 2004 etched on it.  This is one of Swarovski's most unique annual ornaments.  This particular ornament is becoming rare to find.


       2003 ANNUAL  ORNAMENT

    The 2003 Christmas Ornament was designed by Martin Zendron.  It measures 3" in diameter.  This limited edition lead crystal ornament has 8 equal points and a metal tag dated 2003.  It comes complete with all packaging and certificates of authenticity.


       2002 ANNUAL  ORNAMENT

    Swarovksi's 2002 annual limited edition Christmas Snowflake ornament is designed by Elke Kumar. This ornament is handcrafted in the Austrian Alps by Swarovski’s legendary skilled artisans. This 12 pointed, 3 inches across snowflake with 162 facets shimmers magnificently on a royal blue satin ribbon through the top, with attached “2002” dated Rhodium medallion. The brilliant, 32% full-lead genuine Swarovski Crystal from Austria is solid, without a hole in the center, a unique design in this series. The signature “Swan” Logo is etched on the ornament. It rests on blue velvet-like material in the original triangular blue box. Mint condition, never been used or displayed complete with the distinctive triangular gift box, including certificate of authenticity and second outer box


       2001 ANNUAL  ORNAMENT

    The 2001 Annual ornament follows the tradition of beautiful ornaments by Swarovski.  We are still researching the designer.  It measures 3" in diameter and comes complete with all packaging and certification.


       2000 ANNUAL  ORNAMENT

    The 2000 annual ornament was in a star shape.  Continuing the tradition of quality workmanship, this first ornament of the 21st century was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer.  It's dimension is 3 " and comes complete with all packaging and certification.

       1999 ANNUAL  ORNAMENT

    One of the hardest to find of the Swarovski Crystal annual ornaments.  This spectacular ornament was done in a more limited edition.  It was often called the Millenium Ornament due its being the last of this century with the "199x" on its metal tag.  This comes complete with the certificate.  The designer was Martin Zendrom.  It measures 3".


    The 1998 Swarovski Crystal is a creative, gorgeous piece that measures approximately 3" long x 3" high and comes new in triangular box marked "Swarovski."  It comes complete with a certificate.  The designer was Martin Zendron.




    Beautiful Swarovski Silver Crystal Annual Snowflake ornament for 1997, designed by Martin Zendron, this is a Limited Edition issued by Swarovski. Snowflake has six long points and six shorter points and comes with a metal tag engraved "1997". Ornament is in mint condition, in its original box.



    This 1996 Ornament is in mint condition, in its original box and complete with certificate. The designer was Martin Zendron.  It measures 2 1/8".  




    The 1995 ornament limited edition star has eight points and the metal tag indicating 1995.  IT was featured as "The Star of the Century."  It was the first ornament to bear the Swan logo.