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Quality  PORCELAIN Collectibles

RETIRED in 2004 - Only 1 or 2 left of each.  
Order now before they are totally gone!

These porcelain ornaments, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Votive Holders and even a Serving Dish are probably the most original and creative Holiday decoratives we found during 2004 trade shows.  Just holding these fired porcelain collectibles can give you the sensation of their quality workmanship.  But one look at their creativity and you'll understand why we rate these as our #1 Find of the Year.

The Charmers

Ornaments and more...

The Charmers Story
(How many ornaments do you know have a whole story about them!)

It was a snow flurry that brought The Charmers to town,
With windy Tom the Town Crier swooping on down.

To announce the arrival soon to be found,
That St. Nick himself would be coming around.

As the season was ticking away in his head,
Tired Alfred the Advent Candle wanted his bed.

But Gabby burst in calling greetings from the door,
With a bag on her shoulder full of Gifties Galore.

Let's all spruce up the home and welcome all in,
As Santa is sure to scratching his chin.

Alfonso and Frieda danced spritely around,
Adding Spirit and Grace, the joyous group to surround.

Crash Conner Cracker dashed in burst to and fro
Delighting the others with visions aglow.

The Holly Berry Boys, precariously hung
Garland on banisters, rung after rung.

Curtsie gathered up all the baubles and bows
In her skirt to distribute all set in rows.

And All Wrapped up Tree Man, gave her a hand,
As Belle did her best to dress All Really Grande

Willie helped Wanda to deck all the halls
As Stella dusted corners and hung up some balls.

Steve the Skating Star and the Man in the Moon
Put on festive music and hummed a few tunes.

Misty made up the lists of jobs still to be done
All Charmers worked hard on Holiday fun.

RETIRED Ornaments

All ornaments are new in their original boxes.
(Update as of 12/1/2013)

the Town Crier

Tree ornament

6 3/4" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061276



Wanda the Wreath
Tree ornament

6 3/4" Tall - Porcelain


Item #: VCR2061278

Snowball Sam
Tree ornament

5" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061273



Man in the Moon
Inspection Tree ornament

5" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061281


Willy Wreath
Tree ornament

5 1/2" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061279

All Wrapped Up
Tree ornament

4 3/4" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061277

Tango Candy Canes
Tree ornament

5" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061275

Cracker Crash
Tree ornament

7" Long - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061280



Tree ornament

5 1/2" x 5 1/2" - Porcelain




Item #: VCR2061269

Holly Berry Boys
Tree ornament/Set of 2

5" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061271



Other fun items in the Charmer's Line


Tango Candy
Salt and Pepper Shaker
Set/3 - Bed and 2 canes

Both canes sit inside the bed, or remove them (as in the photo above) for use.

4 1/2" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061257

Holly Berry Boys
Salt and Pepper Shaker Set/2

4 3/4" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061256


Town Crier
Votive Holder

9" Tall x 7" wide- Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061231


Holly Berry
Snack Dish

Snack or Cranberry Dish

12" Long Dish - Porcelain
 8" Long Spoon - Porcelain




Item #: VCR2061258

CurtsieTree Votive Holder

5 1/2" Tall - Porcelain



Item #: VCR2061230


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