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Consignment & Private Collection Art
Lithographs & Canvas Editions

Greenwich Workshop and more.  We feature retired, along with the new artists.  As the prints and canvases come in, we will photograph them and place them on this page for your viewing pleasure.  Most everything mayl be one of a kind in our inventory. Once they are sold, we typically cannot order any more.  Thanks for visiting

Some of the artist to look forward to: Daniel Smith, James Christensen, Tom Browning, Stephen Lyman, Rod Frederick....and more

Index of Artists
(We are currently in the process of redoing our Art website. Please be patient with us.)
Bruvel, Gil
Christensen, James - Ltd prints, etchings, stone lithos, canvas and more
Frederick, Rod
Smith, Daniel
Lyman, Stephen
Disney Lithographs
Warner Brothers, Looney Tunes Sericels, Lithos
Oregon Historical Prints
AR Spookylvania One of a Kind Halloween Art Prints

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