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Consignment & Private Collection Art
Lithographs & Canvas Editions

It was recently on the national news that in these tough economical times, investments in art and collectibles just might be a wise investment. 

Important Notes about this collection:
* These are not part of our regular online store.  These are part of a private collection being sold on consignment. 
* All prints and canvases are in mint condition in their original sleeves and complete with Certificates.

* We have or will list all the prints we have available in the collection.  
* There is ONLY ONE print or canvas available of each in this collection. 
* As they are sold, we will attempt to mark it
SOLD as quickly as possible so you'll know if it is still available. 
* This truly is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  Once a print or canvas is sold, we do not have backups.
* As the prints and canvases come in, we will photograph them and place them on this page for your viewing pleasure.  Most everything will be one of a kind in our inventory. Once they are sold, we cannot order any more.  Thanks for visiting

We use a PayPal account for immediate purchase.  PayPal automatically applies shipping charges on your purchase, based on the dollar value of your purchase.  Typically this is satisfactory for smaller ticket items.  Because these art prints/canvases are higher dollar amounts, automated shipping would be steep.  Sorry!  But we cannot turn that feature off.  Our way around it will be to immediately rebate a portion of your shipping fees.  Typically, most prints or canvases cost no more than $25-$30 for shipping/handling and insurance.  If you have any questions, or prefer to pay by money order or cashiers check (actually our preferred method, but not required) please contact us.
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Stone Lithos and etchings coming soon

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