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During the 1990's I was an employee at a Warner Brothers Studio Store.  I visited many of WB's locations around the United States from Hawaii to Virginia.  For us true WB/Looney Tunes collectors it was paradise.  Hardly a day went by when some new product didn't enter our store gallery, enticing us to break out the credit card.  My home was filled with Looney Tunes Collectibles. 

When AOL bought out Time-Warner, it put an end to these happy times.  They shut down and closed the doors on our wonderful stores.  It broke our hearts when representatives came to our stores with sledge hammers to literally smash our fun large characters, that stood guard outside our doors, into pieces, rather than let them fall into the hands of collectors.  It was our very own "Day of Infamy."

What you will find here are treasures that I purchased and saved.  Most still have their original hang tags on them.  You may see some knock-off products, nowadays. at some of the big box stores, but you won't find the quality and creativity that was achieved during the hey days of the Warner Brothers Studio Stores.  Have fun here!  Values have been established based on condition, rarity and secondary market values established in the industry.  Have fun and good luck.

As these limited quantity collectibles sell, we are always adding new pieces to these pages.  Because many of these beautiful pieces are RETIRED, one of a kind, once they are sold, we'll have no more! Sorry!


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